The Devilshorns Reviews

Welcome to The DevilsHorns reviews.

This started as a site where I would listen to the back catalogue of bands that I had lost touch with since I started writing reviews, then I would write about them and rate them.

The object was to listen to my favourite albums as well as all the exciting new ones. It worked for a while and I now listen to a classic album every Friday, selected alternately by myself and my best pal.

Recently, I started thinking about the way we consume music, using mainly streaming services and it raised a few questions

  1. Do people actually listen to a whole album on a streaming site?
  2. Do these albums get multiple listens
  3. Do people buy albums that they discover on these sites?
  4. What does it take for an album to get a 2nd listen when the catalogue is so large?

This has led me to change the concept of this site. Whilst there may be the odd retrospective, I will now listen to an album once and review it.

This will determine the immediacy of the album and will hopefully encourage the reader to check the album out and then buy it. Remember, ‘Buy, don’t Spotify;

I am The Devils Horns, and this is my site!

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