I am The DevilsHorns

As a middle aged man who has listened to Metal since I was 12, I am guilty of having unwielding beliefs about music and artists, invariably calling bands I dislike words like, ‘Overrated’ ( for example, Led Zeppelin), ‘Sh*te’ (Slipknot) and, my favourite word, ‘Pish’ (too many bands to mention).

I’ve been writing music reviews since 2012, discovering great bands along the way. However, constantly listening to new music left me little time to listen to some of my favourite music from years gone by, which led to, what I like to call, ‘Album Retrospectives’.

So, what is an album retrospective I hear you ask? Essentially, it is where I choose 1 artist and listen to their entire discography in order of release. It isn’t, however, as simple as that. There are a few rules.

  1. The artist must have more than 5 albums
  2. Only studio albums count – ‘No Sleep ’til Hammersmith’ by Motorhead would not form part of the retrospective, even though it is immense
  3. Albums must be mostly original material – no cover albums
  4. Where possible, re-releases or the ever-popular ‘Deluxe’ versions do not count, only the original
  5. Use whatever medium to listen to that you can
  6. If you enjoy any of the albums, and you don’t own it…… BUY IT!

I have listened to many ‘retrospectives’ over the years, from Neil Young to Iron Maiden. I have an ever-growing list and I will welcome any suggestions from you, unless I deem it ‘Pish’. I would love to discover albums I have never heard before, perhaps enjoy albums that I thought were not worthy of my time.

It can take a bit of time for these retrospectives (Neil Young took months) and so I will find other things to talk about on here and perhaps even fire in a few reviews as well, if allowed.

I am The Devils Horns, and this is my blog!

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