Christmas Break

This is just a note to say that there is a slight delay to the next retrospective.

Basically, I have had to listen to a ton of 2021 albums to get my top ten albums of the year for

The good news is I will return in the New Year and I can announce that the next retrospective will be on the rather awesome Therapy?

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Published by thedevilshorns

I have been listening to metal since 1985, begging my friend to give me a copy of Iron Maiden's epic live album, 'Live After Death'. He refused, so I had another friend give me a copy instead (the copy had a jump in 'Flight of Icarus', funny the things you remember). I currently write reviews for, and it is a hobby that I love. The joy of hearing new bands that I may not have discovered cannot be easily quantified. But where does that leave time for artists that have been with me for over 35 years? That is the reason for this blog. My name is Paul, and I am The Devils Horns!

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