Cattle Decapitation – Terrasite

One Listen Review
1st Listen: 8 May 2023
Reviewed: 8 May 2023

Cattle Decapitation – Terrasite

Metal Blade Records
Release – 12 May 2023

If just one thing can be guaranteed when listening to a Cattle Decapitation album for the first time, it is that you are about to have your skull unceremoniously caved in with a sledge hammer.

Uncompromising as ever, Cattle Decapitation’s 10th full length album, Terrasite, opens with a trademark guttural growl from the ever dependable Travis Ryan and then the album begins to besiege your aural senses for the next 53 minutes. The opening track, ‘Terrasitic Adaption’ is utterly immense, instantly memorable and welcomes you into the album like an old friend. This strong start continues across the remaining 9 songs.

One of the great things about Cattle Decapitation is the way the band has evolved since their debut in 1999. As you would expect, the quality of the song writing has improved, the concept of

their albums and lyrical content is always strong, displaying intelligence that other bands will never achieve. However, it is the ability of the band to maintain the intensity and aggression of their Grindcore roots in their evolution towards long-form Death Metal tracks that it more impressive. The shortest track, the fantastic ‘We Eat Our Young’, is just shy of 4 minutes in length. Terrasite also boasts an album closer, ‘Just Another Body’ that is over 10 minutes long.

The growth and evolution of the band has allowed longevity, but this longevity would be stifled, perhaps even stalled, if the quality of the albums could not be maintained.  Fortunately, Cattle Decapitation have an arsenal of riffs and blast-beats that is accompanied by the unique vocal talent of Ryan.

Terrasite is an album that has no real weakness, it flows and doesn’t seem to last it’s running time. Every track would give you a reason for it to be your favourite, but it is the 1-2 hit mid-album that is my personal highlight. ‘The Storm Upstairs’ is a body-shot and is immediately followed by an unseen uppercut in, ‘And The World Will Go On Without You’, 2 tracks that embed this album in your psyche and demand the 2nd listen.

Terrasite is modern Cattle Decapitation and modern Cattle Decapitation is a must-listen.

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