Vomitory – All Heads Are Gonna Roll

One Listen Review

1st Listen – 24 May 2023
Reviewed – 24 May 2023

Vomitory – All Heads Are Gonna Roll

Metal Blade Records
Released – 26 May 2023

10 years ago, and after 8 albums, Swedish Death Metal stalwarts Vomitory called it a day. The band decided to go their separate ways. Reforming for a handful of live shows to celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2019 obviously relit a fire in their collective belly and so 2023 sees the release of album number 9, All Heads Are Gonna Roll.

Immediately after pressing play, the brutality of the Vomitory riff is abundant and you immediately prepare yourself for a severe, death metal, kick to the head. The title track of the album is designed to remind you how pummelling a band Vomitory are. It is relentless, without mercy and gets the blood racing.

The next 10 tracks all follow the same, traditional, Death Metal formula. It is mostly one-paced, with only a handful of songs straying from the well-trodden path. This can sometimes lead

to uninspiring albums, but fortunately All Heads Are Gonna Roll is far from being uninspiring. The sheer blood-soaked aggression on show ensures each song delivers the requisite gut punch you deserve!

One minor problem the album does have is that most of the songs have the immediate heavy riff to start, which leads to the album lacking a little bit of variation. The good thing is that when the band changes tact, and delivers a slower intro to the song, it seems to make the main riff even heavier. Tracks like Ode to the Meat Saw with a Bolt Thrower style riff and album closer Beg for Death refrain from the immediate smack to the head and are the better for it.  Another strong track is Dead Man Stalking, reminiscent of Obituary but with a riff less nasty sounding than their Floridian brothers.

Over the past few years, a number of, let’s call them ‘veteran’, bands have released very strong albums. All Heads Are Gonna Roll is a good album, but it isn’t great and the biggest issue Vomitary have is that their contemporaries, such as the aforementioned Obituary have released great albums in 2023.

All Heads Are Gonna Roll is going to have a fight to seek further listens.




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